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ABOUT ME... - illUSi0NSHAD0W [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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ABOUT ME... [Feb. 24th, 2008|09:04 pm]
another lovely survey taken from oh_mango <3
this one took forever >O<;


Birthday: 05.01

Where were you born: china

Zodiac sign: taurus

Height: 5.6

Weight: HAH. you can guess dear~ but i'm not fat? LOL

Hair color: black

Eye color: dark brown

Shoe size: 7-ish

Ring size: i hate wearing rings -O-;

Skin type: [sniff] tanned, even after 2 yrs of hibernation…why does it take me so long to fade! >O<;;

Siblings: none~

Tattoos: nope~

Piercings: 5

Hobbies: internet, computer, music, shopping, fangirling xD;





Favorite color: black, white, grey + pink, green…and any other pretty colors :D

Food: POCKY? :D haha WELL anything that taste good? but i don’t like sour stuff :X

Candy: no sour stuff, but chocolate <3 O_O;

Type of cheese: no preference? i barely eat cheese

Pizza topping: meat lovers [i know fatty xD]

Salad dressing: ranch, i can eat like everything  & anything with ranch ^^

Sandwich: banana + peanutbutter

Cereal: cheerios?

Fruit: apples :]

Vegetable: napa, asparagus, cucumber

Book: quite a few

Movie: quite a few

Magazine: any with ppl i like in it ^^

Newspaper: none xD;

Tv show: a lot :]

Website: a lot -O-; once i go online, i'm screwed

Radio station: 102.7, 105.9, 99.1

Font: times new roman font 10, georgia

Cartoon character: HELLO KITTY :D, monokuro boo [is he a cartoon character? =\]

Artist: too many xD;

Actor: too many

Actress: not many

CD: quite a few

Song: quite a few

Music group: a lot

Music type: pretty much everything

Day of the week: Friday after school

Month: feb, its so short~

Season: spring, fall, winter

Holiday: all?

Shampoo: tsubaki :D [it makes me think of nao xD; which makes me happy ^O^;]

Conditioner: tsubaki :D

Number: 7/12

Phrase: like, omgosh, wtheck, ehh, etc...

Store: abercrombie, hollister, american eagle T-T;; one of my new years resolution is to change closets :D

Weather: sunny, windy, not hot

Restaurant: too many

Channel: 680-707 (my fob channels xD;

Teacher: mr collins, chalew, puzo

Weekend activity: internet-ing, out, shopping

Hangout: xtine's house

House color: beige, red roof

Sport to watch: ehhh =\

Sport to play: sleeping xD;

Animal: PENGUINS are my love <3

Flower: black dahlia

Guy's name: hmm something not too common

Girl's name: a not too common name

Board game: monopoly when I get to be banker ^^;

Story from childhood: I feel off the bed at 3 month old, explains my current mental state xD;

Body part: NONE -_-;



Have you ever...


Been on a train: yupp

Been on a plane: yupp

Been in a car accident: HAHA YEAH -_-; omg 2 car crashes 10 days apart

Caused a car accident: yes

Run into a wall: HAH yes I run into lots of things ^^;

Burned a potato chip: no? but I burned a lot of random things back when I had chem xD;

Almost burned the house down: nope my parents are smart enough to keep me away from the kitchen

Smoked: yes :X my granduncle made my cousin and I smoke =O=

Been drunk: I just fall asleep at that point xD;

Been high: uhh yeah everyday?

Broken the law: SHHHH

Burned a CD: of course

Kissed someone: yeah HHAHA CINDY'S HAND :D

Frenched an animal: wtheck

Had cyber sex: you know I always wonder  how you do that~

Gotten engaged: I'm married -_-; with 2 daughters, 2 grandaugthers HAHA (jokeeee)

Had an online relationship: nope~

Been rejected by a crush: nope

Loved: nope

Made yourself cry to get out of trouble: nope

Cried in public: yup

Cried over a movie: yeahh yesterday T-T;

Fallen asleep in a movie theater: no?

Given someone a bath: no? my bunny?

Been to a boarding school: nope

Been home-schooled: nope

Lost a valuable item: yes

Bungee jumped: nope omg xtine wants to for 18th bday -_-;

Skied: yup

Met the president: no

Met a celebrity: yes

Made a prank call: yup, it always turn out to be 'laugh' calls

Skipped school: of course xD

Faked sick to get out of school: no, I just ditch

Purchased something that you knew didn't fit: no, I always buy clothes that are bigger than me =\

Climbed a tree: yup

Fallen from a tree: uhh not that stupid…yet

Broken a bone: yup

Passed out: nope

Made yourself pass out: how do you do that?

Been to disney world: nope…how about land?

Been to a theme park (not disney): yes, in fact going this weekend

Said "I love you" and meant it (not to a relative): to friends?

Made a model volcano (working model): no -_-;

Made a clover leaf with your tongue: wtheck

What did you do yesterday: party, movie, slept

Memory you miss the most: too many

Memory you want to forget: HAH TO MANY

Something you regretted after it was done: too many TOT;



The Last


Song you heard: 愛夠 - 東城衛

CD you bought: news - pacific

Thing you said: yeah

Time you cried: yesterday, from the movie the last kiss, so good

Movie seen in a theater: juno

Thing you ate: pocky xD;

Person who called: xtine called me?

Nail polish shade worn: uhhh don’t remember either black or sliver, I love sliver nail polish xD

Time you showered: morning

Person who complimented you: mommy o_o;



Do you believe in


Heaven: yeah

Hell: yeah

Angels: yupp

Devil: yeah

God: that is for a TOK discussion

Buddha: siddhartha? xD; haha dunno =\

Aliens: yeah

Ghosts: yeah

Spirit (soul): yeah

Soulmates: no?

Reincarnation: yeah

Love at first sight: attraction at first sight yeah, but love ehh I think that is stretching it a bit

Karma: oh yes -_-

Love in general: yeah

Luck: YES

Yourself: no =\



Love life


Who and when was your first crush: kevin, 1st grade xD;

Any now: nope

A celebrity crush: HAHA want a list? xD;

Who do you want to be with right now: =\ hard to say

Who's number do you want: dunno

Who do you want to kiss: ...

What is something you dont understand about the opposite sex: we are simple creatures, you guys are the ones over thinking and making life hard for yourself AND uhh I'll stop now haha I can go on and on about this ^^;

If you could go on a date with anybody, who would it be: aw man this is hard a lot of ppl but xiaozhu and jiro the most :]

On scale of one to ten, how romantic are you: I think that is something for other to judge ^^

First thing noticed about the opposite sex: okay I know ppl always write eyes, smiles etc… but for me…THEIR FACE+CLOTHES?

What do you look for personality-wise: loving/caring

Biggest turn on: personality/character

Biggest turn off: cleanliness

Something they wear that turns you on: something that fits them (no necessarily physically but also style/personality wise)

Something they wear that turns you off: wearing it just because it is a name brand

The most romantic thing you want to happen to you: staring at stars at the beach :D

The most romantic thing that has happened to you: hmmm

What do you wear on a coffee date: depends on the time

Is it right to flirt if you're taken: I don’t flirt, and I hate ppl who flirt :]

Is cyber cheating: …?

Are eyes the passegeway to the soul: yeah

Who would you like to take to the prom: xD;

Do you want to hug somebody right now: yupp ^^

Do you know what an aphrodisiac is: nope but I google it?



One or the other


Coke/pepsi: doesn’t matter

Sprite/7-up: doesn’t matter

Boxers/briefs: boxers, they are so comfy ^^

Gold/silver: silver

Vanilla/chocolate: depends

Flowers/candy: depends

Book/magazine: depends

Tv/radio: tv

Glass half empty/half full: half empty

Colored pencils/markers: depends

Coffee/tea: both :X

Sun/moon: moon

Day/night: night?

Hot/cold: cold

Dog/cat: bunny!

Button/zipper: doesn’t matter

Cotton/feather pillow: doesn’t matter

Blue/purple: blue

Plumber/trashman: plumber

Jeans/shorts: depends

Long distance relationship/none: depends

Mechanical/regular pencil: depends if it’s a pretty mechanical, if not then regular :]

Romeo/Juliet: neither -_-

Romantic comedy/thriller: depends, if I'm watching someone that will stick their head under something or scream if it’s a thriller then comedy

Nsync/bsb: aw man I like boy but I think nsync

Peanut butter/jelly: depends with what

Waffles/pancakes: pancakes

Letter/email: letter!

Florida/california: CA

Pizza/burgers: pizza

Hat/visor: visor

Football/rugby: football

Iceskating/blading: iceeeskating

Movie at home/in theater: movies at home



First thing you think of when you hear


Yellow: sun

Red lipstick: ew

Socks: short

Cowtipping: HUH

Moulin rouge: YAY

Greenland: collins

Iceland: collins

Harry Potter: peter

Red: rose

Blackberry: auny

Rose: black

Rooster: cooooka ado? Haha iono that sound they make!

Taxes: bush

Bill Clinton: monica

Whipped cream: fat

George W. Bush: gay

Lollipops: 棒棒堂!

Dreams: sleep

Love: uhhh

Guys: argh

South Park: HAHA

Boy bands: yay

Pengiuns: green

Girls: ew

Thong: melissa

Death: note

Spoons: teeth

Junk mail: college

Diary: nao

Panties: miyavi (I just saw that one picture of him xD;)

Your father: showering

Pizza: cheeesee

Britney Spears: [sad]

Vitamin: gummy bears!



Are you


Happy: yeahh usually :] well I usually always appear to be

Sad: yeahh if I think too much, or deep down

Religious: not really

Bitchy: of course

Crazy: haha hell yeah :]

Messy: gerianne showed me that on facebook I'm the 3rd most organize? Wtheck o-O;

Mad: yeah

Slacker: xD;

Nerd: not really, I give the appearance but in reality nope

Bookworm: I like reading

Preppy: sometimes?

Selfish: no

Giving: yeah

Obsessive: HAHAHA YES XD;

Violent: yeah if you touch me -_-;

Calm: nope, never

Peaceful: HAHA PIIIII-CEFUL! (geri <3)

Mellow: no?

Excentric: according to mr.ray saito that is the one word that best describes me -_-;

Caring: yup

Untrustworthy: iono yeah?

Loyal: yeah

Patriotic: no -_-;

Perverted: xD fangirl

Colorful: nope black and white <3

Artistic: too lazy





What color is your jacket: the one I wore today was grey

Do you shave: yeah?

Where: …the places that needs to be?

What color is your razor: purple

What size is your bed: twin

What color crayon would you be: sliver

What are the last four digits of you phone number: 9832

Feelings on abortion: ehh I can argue both views

How long does it take you to shower: depends I'm late or not

What does your screenname mean: illusi0nshad0w…no clue had it since middle school, dianUHHx3….well people sometimes forget the UHHHH part of my name

Thoughts on blonde pop stars in general: pity

Who do you trust the most: no one

Is cussing a necessity in life: yuppp ^^

How about coffee: yes xD; I love starbucks

Is the world screwed: hell yeah

What's something you can't live without: too many

What time did you fall asleep: 2am

Know what 69 means: xD;

How about 143: nope

Can you live without a microwave: yeah

What do think about death: nothing wrong with it

Where and when do you want to be married: somewhere pretty, 25-35yrs old

Do you want to drop out of school/university: nope

Why is the sky blue: the light…scientific reasons

What is a good trait about yourself: dunno, up to you to decide

What do you always think about: how screwed I am

What is wrong with your school/university: ib sucks

What is right with your school/university: 75% asian? HAHA I see asian celebrities on binders all the time ^^;; a girl 3 locker down from me has toma on her binder last time I saw, and before that it was ryo chan xD;

How do you react to change: ehh depends what type of change

Do you talk to yourself: of course xD; even when I am TALKING TO SOMEONE (ie fangirling) I think I'm more talking to myself than to whoever it is to

What is your opinion on love: ehh its messed up

Can you afford to lose weight: wtheck? It saves money to lose weight

What color would you dye your hair: just highlights

What is your reaction to someone telling you you're hot: uhh, probably depends on who/situation, but probably wtheck fuck you

Does being psycho appeal to you: well I'm not exactly normal?

If you wrote a book, what would it be about: nothing in particular, about random stuff, kinda like that one book we read in class…uhh don’t rmeember

What would you change your name to: SOMETHING OTHER THAN DIANA -_-;

Longest crush lasted how long: dunno


[User Picture]From: silverxcrystal
2008-02-25 06:12 am (UTC)
Hahaha ^^

That's all I have to say. It was amusing~
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